What is the difference between Chromogenix Coamatic® Heparin, Coatest® Heparin and the discontinued Coatest® Low Molecular Weight Heparin / Heparin?

All of our heparin kits are for the chromogenic determination of UF and LMW heparin in human plasma, and measure the ability of heparin to catalyze the inhibition of FXa by antithrombin.

Coamatic® Heparin is a one-stage assay optimized for a wide range of instruments that does not require the addition ofexogenous antithrombin. It features the use of substrate S2732™, simple reagent preparation, few components, and a simple, straight-forward assay procedure and is usually performed with undiluted plasma.

Coatest® Heparin is a two-stage assay with automated protocols available on a wide range of instruments. The assay requires the addition of antithrombin (included in the kit) and utilizes S-2222™.

Coatest® Low Molecular Weight Heparin was mainly intended for the non-automated lab and allows rapid and reliable manual determination in a one-stage procedure. Like Coamatic® Heparin, it used S-2732™, and although slightly dependent on the sample’s AT concentration, no exogenous AT is added.