What CPT codes should I use?

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Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Codes describe medical procedures performed by physicians and other health providers. The codes were developed by the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) (later renamed the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) (CMS) to assist in the assignment of reimbursement amounts to providers by Medicare carriers. A growing number of managed care and other insurance companies, however, base their reimbursements on the values established by HCFA.

Since the early 1970s, HCFA has asked the American Medical Association (AMA) to work with physicians of every specialty to determine appropriate definitions for the codes and to try to determine accurate reimbursement amounts for each code. Two committees within CMS work on these issues: the CPT Committee, which updates the definitions of the codes, and the RUC (Relative Value Update Committee), which recommends reimbursement values to CMS based on data collected by medical societies on the going rate of services described in the codes.

Common Hemostasis CPT Codes

85307 Activated Protein C (APC) resistance assay
85410 alpha-2 antiplasmin (fibrinolytic factors and inhibitors)
0030T Antiprothrombin (phospholipid cofactor) antibody, each Ig class
86148 Anti-phosphatidylserine (phospholipid) antibody
85300 antithrombin III, activity (clotting inhibitors or anticoagulants)
85301 antithrombin III, antigen assay (clotting inhibitors or anticoagulants)
86146 beta 2 Glycoprotein I antibody, each
86141 C-reactive protein; high sensitivity (hsCRP)
86147 cardiolipin (phospholipid) antibody, each Ig class
85130 Chromogenic substrate assay
85378 D-dimer; qualitative or semiquantitative (fibrin degradation products)
85379 D-dimer; quantitative (fibrin degradation products)
85380 D-dimer; ultrasensitive (eg, for evaluation for venous thromboembolism), qualitative or semiquantitative (fibrin degradation products)
85293 high molecular weight kininogen assay (Fitzgerald factor assay) (clotting)
85210 factor II, prothrombin, specific (clotting)
85220 factor V (AcG or proaccelerin), labile factor (clotting)
85230 factor VII (proconvertin, stable factor) (clotting)
85240 factor VIII (AHG), one stage (clotting)
85244 factor VIII related antigen (clotting)
85245 factor VIII, VW factor, ristocetin cofactor (clotting)
85246 factor VIII, VW factor antigen (clotting)
85247 factor VIII, von Willebrand factor, multimetric analysis (clotting)
85250 factor IX (PTC or Christmas) (clotting)
85260 factor X (Stuart-Prower) (clotting)
85280 factor XII (Hageman) (clotting)
85290 factor XIII (fibrin stabilizing) (clotting)
85291 factor XIII (fibrin stabilizing), screen solubility (clotting)
85362 Fibrin(ogen) degradation (split) products (FDP)(FSP); agglutination slide, semiquantitative
85366 Fibrin(ogen) degradation (split) products (FDP)(FSP); paracoagulation
85370 Fibrin(ogen) degradation (split) products (FDP)(FSP); quantitative
85384 Fibrinogen; activity
85385 Fibrinogen; antigen
85520 heparin assay
85400 plasmin (fibrinolytic factors and inhibitors)
85415 plasminogen activator (fibrinolytic factors and inhibitors)
85420 plasminogen, except antigenic assay (fibrinolytic factors and inhibitors)
85421 plasminogen, antigenic assay (fibrinolytic factors and inhibitors)
85415 plasminogen activator (fibrinolytic factors and inhibitors)
85420 plasminogen, except antigenic assay (fibrinolytic factors and inhibitors)
85292 prekallikrein assay (Fletcher factor assay) (clotting)
85302 protein C, antigen (clotting inhibitors or anticoagulants)
85303 protein C, activity (clotting inhibitors or anticoagulants)
85305 protein S, total (clotting inhibitors or anticoagulants)
85306 protein S, free (clotting inhibitors or anticoagulants)