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ProductCatalog #DiscountOffer Expires
Technoclot® PT Plus500322090% OFFend of July 2019
Ceveron® alpha Coagulation Control AK501103090% OFFend of July 2019
Coatest® APC™ Resistance VK82312055% OFFend of July 2019
Technozym® ADAMTS-13 Inhibitor ELISA545045150% OFFend of August 2019
Technoclone ADAMTS-13 Calibrator Set545046150% OFFend of August 2019
Technoclone AK-Calibrant501000425% OFFend of September 2019
Technoclone Dapttin503506025% OFFend of September 2019
Technoview® Arixtra® Control Low509001225% OFFend of September 2019
Technoview® Arixtra® Control High509001425% OFFend of September 2019
Technoscreen® ADAMTS-13 Activity570010025% OFFend of September 2019
Chromogenix® Human Antithrombin 25IUB81079625% OFFend of September 2019
Chromogenix® LMW Heparin CalibratorC82350025% OFFend of September 2019
Chromogenix® AntithrombinK82199125% OFFend of September 2019
Technozym® PAP ComplexTC1206025% OFFend of September 2019

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