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ProductCatalog #DiscountOffer Expires
Technoclone Fitzgerald Trait Native520400690% OFFend of February 2019
Multiplate® Pipette Control Unit (PCU)MP084090% OFFend of February 2019
Peviva K18 StandardP5014090% OFFend of February 2019
TECO® Hyaluronic Acid (HA) PLUS ELISATE1018-290% OFFend of February 2019
Technozym® vWF:CBA Collagen I ELISA545031150% OFFend of March 2019
Ceveron® alpha Cleaning Solution982030050% OFFend of March 2019
REAADS vWF ActivityK1082650% OFFend of March 2019
Chromogenix Coatest® HeparinK25553950% OFFend of March 2019
Peviva M30 Apoptosense® ELISAP1001150% OFFend of March 2019
Technoclone NaCl 0.9% Solution 25ml484712725% OFFend of December 2018
Technothrombin® Thrombin Generation Assay (TGA)500601025% OFFend of December 2018
Technothrombin® Thrombin Generation Assay (TGA) Substrate500623525% OFFend of December 2018
Rossix Factor IXa Calibrator959925% OFFend of December 2018
M65® ELISAP1002025% OFFend of December 2018
Technoclone Purified Glu-Plasminogen, 5mgTC4100525% OFFend of December 2018

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