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ProductCatalog #DiscountOffer Expires
Ceveron® Thrombin Generation Assay (TGA) Control Low500633290% OFFend of April
Technozym® vWF Antigen ELISA545020190% OFFend of April
Technozym® vWF:CBA ELISA545030190% OFFend of April
Technozym® ADAMTS-13 Antigen ELISA545060190% OFFend of April
T-TAS® AR-chipTC010190% OFFend of April
Teco® Collagen IV Serum ELISATE105390% OFFend of April
T-TAS® AR-chip Waste Liquid TankTS030190% OFFend of April
Multiplate® Test Cells0812884700150% OFFend of May
Technozym® ADAMTS-13 Control545056350% OFFend of May
Teco® Vitellogenin Perch REACH ELISATE103950% OFFend of May
Technoclone NB Incubation BufferTH1000NB50% OFFend of May
Multiplate® Liquid Control0811596600125% OFFend of June
Multiplate® Test Cells0812884700125% OFFend of June
Ceveron® Thrombin Generation Assay (TGA) Control High500632225% OFFend of June
Ceveron® Coagulation Control Abnormal502103525% OFFend of June
Technoview® Rivaroxaban Calibrator509017025% OFFend of June
Ceveron® Wash Solution982032025% OFFend of June
Ceveron® Wash Solution982032825% OFFend of June
Diapharma Bovine ThrombinDPGBT-125% OFFend of June
Peviva M65® ELISAP1002025% OFFend of June
T-TAS® AR-chipTC010125% OFFend of June

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