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ProductCatalog #DiscountOffer Expires
Multiplate® TRAPtest0811667900190% OFFend of October 2018
Technoclone AK-Calibrant501000490% OFFend of October 2018
Technoview® Dabigatran Calibrator Set509021090% OFFend of October 2018
Technozym® vWF:Ag ELISA545020190% OFFend of October 2018
Chromogenix Coatest® APC ResistanceK82264390% OFFend of October 2018
Chromogenix Coatest® APC Resistance VK82312090% OFFend of October 2018
Chromogenix Coatest® SP Factor VIIIK82408690% OFFend of October 2018
T-TAS® AR-Chip Reservoir SetTS010190% OFFend of October 2018
T-TAS® PL-Chip Reservoir SetTS020190% OFFend of October 2018
Multiplate® GpIIb/IIIa Antagonist Reagent0811586900150% OFFend of November 2018
Technoclone Factor VIII INH Plasma HCV Negative515901050% OFFend of November 2018
Ceveron® Technoplastin® HIS500301025% OFFend of December 2018
Technothrombin® Thrombin Generation Assay (TGA) Control High500632025% OFFend of December 2018
Dapttin TC503506025% OFFend of December 2018
Rox FIX-A95003025% OFFend of December 2018
Chromogenix AT 25IUB81079625% OFFend of December 2018
Chromogenix Low Molecular Weight (LMW) Heparin ControlC82349225% OFFend of December 2018
Chromogenix Coamatic® Protein CK82209825% OFFend of December 2018
Chromogenix Coatest® SP Factor VIIIK82408625% OFFend of December 2018

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