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ProductCatalog #DiscountOffer Expires
Multiplate® Ristocetin (RISTOtest)08116644001 (06675867190)90% OFFend of January 2018
Multiplate® Liquid Control08115966001 (06675999190)90% OFFend of January 2018
Diapharma Streptokinase (SK)B81111190% OFFend of January 2018
Chromogenix Coatest® Activated Protein C (APC™) Control Level 2C82266890% OFFend of January 2018
Technothombin® Thrombin Generation Assay (TGA) Reagent C High500621450% OFFend of February 2018
Ceveron® Thrombin Generation Assay (TGA) Substrate500623750% OFFend of February 2018
Ceveron® alpha Coagulation Reference522013050% OFFend of February 2018
Prostaglandin E1 300nM (for use on Multiplate®)HB-5515-FG50% OFFend of February 2018
Diapharma Factor XKDPGFX50% OFFend of February 2018
Peviva CytoDEATH™ Monoclonal Antibody (Mab) FluoresceinP1080050% OFFend of February 2018
Multiplate® Acetylsalicylic Acid (ASA) Control0811579600125% OFFend of March 2018
Multiplate® Ristocetin (RISTOtest)0811664400125% OFFend of March 2018
Technothrombin® / Ceveron® Thrombin Generation Assay (TGA) Reagent C Low500622425% OFFend of March 2018
Diapharma Streptokinase (SK)B81111125% OFFend of March 2018
Technoclone Urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator (uPA) Purified ProteinTC4200025% OFFend of March 2018

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