Relevant topic in a time of wildfire smoke: Neutrophils in Sputum – Webinar July 12th

Posted: July 5, 2023

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Complimentary Webinar

Neutrophils in Sputum:

Why Give a Spit?

Wednesday, July 12 at 11 a.m. EDT


sputum samples neutrophil-driven immune responses in the lung

Over this past week, many of us in the Midwest and East are experiencing terribly low air quality due to the Canadian wildfires. A webinar on assessing neutrophil activity in the lung therefore could not be more relevant.

Dr. Neil Alexis has performed much of the research behind the air quality ranges established in the US today. Along with striving to understand environmental exposures (e-cigarettes, wood fire, burn pits, ozone, etc.) on the healthy lung, he aims to understand how those insults contribute to triggers on a background of pulmonary disease.

Please join DiaPharma and Dr. Alexis for a webinar covering sampling methods to measure the activity of immune cells, particularly neutrophils, in the lung.

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