Join us Wednesday, February 15 at 1 PM EST for “Shearly you can’t be serious! T-TAS® 01 for Total Platelet Function Testing“!

This educational webinar will describe diagnostic tests for hemostasis measurement, and how T-TAS® 01 is unique. The presentation will focus on the measurement of primary hemostatic function (platelet plug formation). Participants will learn the performance and utility of the T-TAS®01 assays. Topics will include assays for the measurement of primary hemostasis, assay comparisons, and clinical and research applications.


adamts-13 pai-1, fibrinogen, vwf, cell death


DiaPharma’s long-time expertise in the Hemostasis and Liver Disease fields means we’re uniquely positioned to deliver solutions. If you’re studying intrahepatic thrombosis, liver fibrogenesis, or developing new hemostasis-focused liver disease therapies, DiaPharma can help you select the assays that best suit your needs.

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