Measure Only ACTIVE Neutrophil Elastase with ProAxsis ELISA

Posted: June 10, 2021

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The Problem

Assessing active protease levels in complex biological samples such as sputum or bronchoalveolar lavage samples are problematic due to a lack of reliable and robust methodologies, which result in data with high variability and limited reproducibility. Most commercially available antibody based assays measure total protease levels that are composites of the amounts of latent, active, and inhibitor-enzyme complexes, which may have limited value in correlations with disease severity. Fluorogenic or chromogenic substrates can be hydrolysed by multiple substances within a biological sample and therefore are not suitable for biomarker analysis utilizing complex fluids.

The Solution

ProteaseTag™ Active NE Immunoassay meets the need for a robust assay to measure the active biomarker. Using the patented NE-Tag™, an activity-dependent assay has been developed which is the only one that can detect active proteases with a standard microplate reader, without utilizing chromogenic or fluorogenic substrates.

ProteaseTag™ Active NE is available in 2 formats – standard and lateral flow, providing NE detection limits ranging from 7.2 – 1000 ng/ml.

ProAxsis ProteaseTag™ Active Neutrophil Elastase Assay


Why measure only active NE?

  • Neutrophil Serine Proteases (including neutrophil elastase) are important for immune responses to bacterial infections.
  • Bacterial infections are a major hurdle for exacerbations in lung diseases like COPD, CF, and Bronchiectasis.
  • Higher levels of active NE enzyme vs. total NE in a sample has been shown to correlate with severity of chronic lung diseases and occurrence of bacterial exacerbations.
  • Development of NE inhibitors is an attractive therapeutic target for pharmaceutical companies, but requires excess active NE enzyme to be effective.
  • This makes measurement of active NE critical during drug development stages.

Learn more details about ProAxsis ProteaseTag® Active NE Immunoassay and ProAxsis NEATstik® Rapid NE Activity Test

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

ProAxsis ProteaseTag Active Neutrophil Elastase Assay

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