Erythrocyte sedimentation is a phenomenon that is sometimes observed in anticoagulated blood specimens from subjects with inflammation, pregnancy, anemia, infection, malignancy, diabetes, renal disease, heart disease and collagen vascular diseases. Recently it has been reported that erythrocytes and white blood cells are involved in blood coagulation. It has been suggested that high erythrocyte sedimentation ratio (ESR) can affect some platelet function assays (e.g., PFA-100). Erythrocyte sedimentation inside the reservoir of the T-TAS® 01 HD assay has been observed in some cases, and the prevention of erythrocyte sedimentation is expected to result in a more accurate and repeatable T-TAS 01 analysis.

Stability and Storage:

Room Temperature (15-25oC).  Avoid cold storage to prevent precipitation.  Store away from light.

Stable for 12 months when stored as directed.