Technoclone Siron LIS (aPTT liquid) is a lupus insensitive (LIS) activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) presented as a liquid and clear reagent containing a soluble activator prepared from ellagic acid. Siron LIS can be used to measure the intrinsic coagulation system, to research hemophiliac, and as a control for heparin research.

Siron LIS is sensitive to factors VIII, IX, XI and XII when used in combination with the corresponding deficiency plasma.

Siron LIS is a liquid preparation of a stable aqueous suspension of phospholipids. FXII activation of Siron LIS is achieved by addition ellagic acid.

(not supplied with the kit)

  • Buffer*
    CaCl2 25 mmol/l, 100 ml, Catalog# 5277015
  • Control Plasma Normal and Abnormal **
    Coagulation Control N, 5 x 1 ml, Catalog# 5020040
    Coagulation Control A, 5 x 1 ml, Catalog# 5021055

** or any other package sizes, special Ceveron® alpha or Technoclot® Control and Calibration reagents of Technoclone.