Technoclot® PT Owren is a thromboplastin reagent modified according to Owren. The reagent is enriched with bovine plasma from which the prothrombin complex factors II, VII and X have been removed. The bovine plasma remains a source of fibrinogen and factor V, which therefore cannot be detected by the test.

Technoclot® PT Owren replaces Thrombotest® and Normotest®.

The reagent is lyophilized and contains rabbit brain thromboplastin and adsorbed bovine plasma. The adsorbed plasma is added as a source of factor V and fibrinogen. Technoclot® PT Owren manual is a combined thromboplastin which already contains CaCl2.

Materials required (not supplied with the kit)

  • Pipettes
    Capillaries 25µl, 2 x 100 pcs, Catalog# 9801025
  • Distilled water
  • Control Plasma*
    Coagulation Control N, 5 x 1 ml, Catalog# 5020040
    Coagulation Control AK, 5 x 1 ml, Catalog# 5011050
    Coagulation Control A, 5 x 1 ml, Catalog# 5021055
    Technoclot® PT Owren Capillary Control Set, Catalog# 5005102
  • Calibration Plasma
    AK-Calibrant, 4 x 1 ml, Catalog# 5010004
    Coagulation Reference, 5 x 1 ml, Catalog# 5220110
    Technoclot® PT Owren Capillary Calibration Set, Catalog# 5005100
    * or any other package sizes or Technoclot® reagents.