Technochrom® FVIII:CH is a reagent kit for the photometric determination of coagulation Factor VIII activity in plasma and Factor VIII concentrates by measuring Factor Xa generation with a chromogenic substrate.  This kit shows an excellent correlation with one and two stage Factor VIII assays and requires only a single linear calibration curve between 0 and 144%.  It contains all components, is insensitive to heparin up to 10 IU/mL and is suitable for plasma and Factor VIII concentrates.  It can be used for assaying Factor VIII deficiencies as well as therapy effects.

For use with Ceveron® alpha and Ceveron® 100.

mL Reagent Contains
2×2 Substrate 10 µL FXa-1, 0.012 µmol αNAPAP
2×2 Reagent A Phospholipid, albumin
2×2 Reagent B FIXαβ, FX, Ca2+, albumin, thrombin
1 Ref Standard 1 ~130% (1.3 IU) FVIII/mL
1 Ref Standard 2 ~70% (0.7 IU) FVIII/mL
1 Ref Standard 3 ~10% (0.1 IU) FVIII/mL
1 Ref Standard 4 <0.5% (0.005 IU) FVIII/mL
2×20 FVIII Dilution Buffer 3.4 g/L Imidazole, 5.85 g/L NaCl, 0.2% albumin, pH 7.4
2×8 FVIII Reaction Buffer 6.06 g/L Tris, 3.03 g/L Na2EDTA, 25 g/L NaCl, pH 8.3
FVIIIsample + (FIX-PL- Ca++) FVIIIa-FIX-PL-Ca++-complex
Substrate-FXa-1 Substrate-FXa-1 + pNA