Ceveron® TGA RB Kit (thrombin generation assay reagent B) is a reagent kit for use on the Ceveron® Alpha instrument. It can be used for:

  • measurement of bleeding tendency
  • researching hemophilia
  • researching FVIII Inhibitor
  • 2 x 1ml TGA RB Reagent
  • 2 x 1.5ml TGA BUF
  • 2 x 3ml TGA SUB
  • 2 x 1ml TGA CONT H
  • 2 x 1ml TGA CONT L
  • 1 x 25ml 25mM Calcium Chloride Solution

Normal Ranges

Hemophilia A Plasma
thrombin generation assay hemophilia A

Hemophilia B Plasma

Despite FVIII/FIX values of <0.01IU/mL, thrombin generation shows significant differences correlating.