What’s New at DiaPharma? Meet our Pandemic Pets and People

Posted: May 20, 2021

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Meet the Team

We welcomed several new members, 2-legged and 4-legged, to the DiaPharma family during the pandemic!

COVID-19 assays

Mary Alice

Our Senior Support Scientist, Abi, welcomed daughter Mary Alice into their family last spring, shortly after the start of the pandemic! Mary Alice joins Abi, her husband, their three oldest children, and their dog, Sammy.

COVID-19 assays

Kit Kat

Our Executive Vice President, Mike, is thrilled to welcome Kit Kat – his youngest got to pick the name. Kit Kat joins Mike, his wife, and their three human kids. Mike says, “She always steals my seat ‘at work'”!

COVID-19 assays

Rachel + Patches

Our Scientific Product Manager, Matt, welcomed two new additions! Daughter Rachel and puppy Patches join Matt, his wife, their two oldest daughters, and three cats…talk about a full house!

COVID-19 assays


Our Scientific Director, Jen, welcomed Golden Retriever Breslin over the summer. Breslin is a “service dog flunkie” who is loving her career change. She joins Jen, DiaPharma office dog Ozone, and two cats who scare her.

COVID-19 assays

Louie Simon

Our Business Development Manager, Olivia, just welcomed son Louie Simon just last week! He joins Olivia, her husband, their two daughters, and their dog.

Congrats to everyone on the new additions!

Product Focus

COVID-19 Markers

Is there anything COVID-19 doesn’t touch? DiaPharma has biomarker assays for your COVID-19 related research. Thromboinflammation, Complement, Organ Injury, Cell Death, Platelet Function Assays: DiaPharma is your trusted supplier of high quality research products to investigate COVID-19.

covid-19 biomarker assays

It’s Not Just Support. It’s Solutions.

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