Comprehensive Solutions for von Willebrand Disease Research

Posted: September 11, 2023

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von Willebrand Disease Research

Reagent-complete kits for vWF Activity, Antigen, Collagen Binding, Propeptide, and more.


Technozym vWF:CBA*

  • Collagen Binding ELISA
  • Ask your Territory Manager about a free evaluation kit through September!

Technozym vWF:CBA von willebrand factor collagen binding assay kit

Inter Array vWF:pp*

  • Standardized Propeptide ELISA
  • Ready-to-use complete kit

Ordering Info:

Product Description REF
REAADS vWF Activity ELISA vWF Activity K10826
REAADS vWF Antigen ELISA vWF Antigen K034-001
TECHNOZYM® vWF:CBA Calibrator Set* Calibrator 5450310
TECHNOZYM® vWF:CBA Control Set* Control 5450312
TECHNOZYM® vWF:Ag ELISA Kit* vWF Antigen 5450201
TECHNOZYM® vWF:Ag Calibrator Set* Calibrator 5450210
TECHNOZYM® vWF:Ag Control Set* Control 5450212
Inter Array vWFpp ELISA* vWF propeptide (vWFpp) Antigen
T-TAS® 01 Microfluidic Clot Occlusion Instrument 18001
Coamatic® Factor VIII Chromogenic Factor VIII K822585
Coatest® SP Factor VIII Chromogenic Factor VIII K824086
Coatest® SP4 Factor VIII Chromogenic Factor VIII K824094
Rox Factor VIII* Chromogenic Factor VIII 800070
Technochrom® Factor VIII* Chromogenic Factor VIII 5344101

* For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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