T-TAS®01 – The Leading Edge in Primary Hemostasis Assessment

Posted: March 22, 2021

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Discover the Leading Edge in Primary Hemostasis Assessment

Global evaluation of overall hemostatic ability using physiologic, flow conditions. Exclusively from DiaPharma.

Advantages of T-TAS® 01

Ease of Interpretation

A numeric cut-off easily identifies those with primary hemostasis disorders, assisting with more timely determination of appropriate treatment strategy

Reduced Costs

May need fewer blood draws, as extra tests may be eliminated, improving the patient’s experience as well as eliminating the associated costs

Simple Pre-Analytics

Fewer blood draws without required fasting improves the patient’s (and phlebotomist’s) experience

Direct use of whole blood minimizes pre-analytical errors


Results in 10 minutes makes T-TAS® 01 a valid POC platelet function test

Physiologically Relevant

T-TAS® 01 reconstructs in vivo blood flow conditions

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T-TAS hemostasis instrument

For in vitro diagnostic use.

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