Overworked staff? The T-TAS® 01 platelet function analyzer can lighten the burden

Posted: October 18, 2022

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T-TAS PL assay platelet function

T-TAS® 01 PL Assay: One test, one result, one total answer for platelet function

T-TAS PL assay platelet function

Help address staffing and budgetary challenges with a frontline test for overall total platelet function

  • Single assay with easy-to-interpret test result provides simple and comprehensive platelet reactivity status
  • Consolidate testing from multiple platforms, for better assessment of platelet function at a lower cost
  • Get a better clinical picture using true physiological flow/shear rates
  • T-TAS® 01 analyzer is low-cost, takes up modest space in the lab, and is uncomplicated to learn and operate

T-TAS PL assay platelet function

T-TAS® 01 PL Assay allows a single assay to be used for direct comparison of the effects of various antiplatelet therapy regimens. Soluble agonist-based agonist assays isolate a single activation pathway and ignore others, and do not reflect total activity.


Our team is eager to talk all things bleeding & clotting, and demo new technology in platelet function measurement. Connect with us to learn more.

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