Measure fibrosis in a more meaningful way using TOTAL collagen assays

Posted: September 28, 2022

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Let DiaPharma introduce you to a new partner in fibrosis research, QuickZyme Biosciences

DiaPharma is excited to announce that we now offer QuickZyme products. QuickZyme knows, “Matrix Matters”.

Collagens are a main component of the extracellular matrix and are the most abundant proteins in the body. Collagens play important roles in cell growth, wound healing, and cartilage. Collagens also provide important readouts on fibrotic disease states of the skin, liver, lung, kidney, and more. Collagen analysis is an important tool to use while investigating and understanding fibrosis, however there is a major hurdle to overcome…

Problem: Collagen is an insoluble protein, how can it be accurately measured?

  • ELISA – what exactly is being measured? Only soluble collagen? What about insoluble, mature collagen?
  • Histology – Is this quantitative enough? What about tissue heterogeneity?
  • PRO-collagen tests – specific for new collagen production, what about existing collagen?

Solution: Total Collagen measurement – chromogenic hydroxyproline detection method

  • All types and all forms of collagen are detected
  • Compatible with established tissue hydrolysis protocols
  • Quantitative measurements with a wide detection range
  • Easy 2-hour protocol with no drying step
  • Colorimetric read-out, no special equipment required
  • Available for low collagen organs and paraffin embedded tissues
  • Detects total collagen from all species

Total Collagen measurement – chromogenic hydroxyproline detection method

Which test is right for your needs?

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Collagen assays available from QuickZyme Biosciences:

Collagen is tough (pun intended), make your life easier with these QuickZyme kits.

Research use only in the U.S. and Canada. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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