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Posted: April 28, 2023

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Thoughts from HTRS 2023, and a Grant Opportunity

The HTRS 2023 Scientific Symposium gave new insights in hemostasis and thrombosis, from health justice initiatives to the latest in antiphospholipid antibody testing.

One thing that stood out was a focus on bleeding and clotting disorders in special populations such as pregnancy, pediatrics, Sickle Cell Disease, and bleeding disorders in women and girls. Addressing outcomes, assessing risk, and making sure patients have access to treatment are taking center stage.

Among the calls to action discussed during HTRS was the need to communicate and collaborate with colleagues. We need to improve awareness of platelet disorders, better characterize diagnosis and care, and better address the impacts of bleeding in women and girls.

DiaPharma cares about research benefiting underrepresented populations. We have decided to take a step and be part of this shift we’re seeing in the hemostasis field.

DiaPharma is now accepting research project proposals for a complementary T-TAS® 01 platelet function analyzer to study bleeding risk. We hope the award of a T-TAS® 01 analyzer helps further impactful research in our field.

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*Research use only in U.S. and Canada. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

View our full portfolio of hemostasis and thrombosis assays, including vWF and ADAMTS13 panels, automated FXIII, APC Resistance, and unique antibodies for analysis of hemoglobinopathies, feto-maternal hemorrhage, and Rh incompatibility, at diapharma.com.

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