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Posted: September 7, 2023

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 Fibrinolysis Assays from DiaPharma that will enhance your research

Fibrinolysis Assays

from DiaPharma that will enhance your research

Whether you’re researching basic fibrinolysis mechanisms or investigating new potential thrombolytics, you need reliable, relevant tests. DiaPharma can help you select the right assays.

technozym PAI Antigen ELISA t-PA Antigen ELISA PAP complex ELISA

Featured Products:

Technoclone tPA Purified Protein

  • Single chain tissue type plasminogen activator (human, recombinant),with activity at least 300,000 IU/mg.

Technozym® PAI-1 Actibind® ELISA

  • Quantitative determination of active PAI-1 antigen in human plasma

Technozym® PAP Complex ELISA

  • Plasmin-α-2-antiplasmin (PAP) complex ELISA
  • Detect elevated levels in hyperfibrinolysis and thrombolytic research.

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All products are for research use only in U.S. and Canada. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

tPA, PAI-1, P-AP, D-Dimer

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