Contact System Cross-Talk: Tools for Investigating Contact Activation Pathway

Posted: April 23, 2021

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Immunoglobulin Testing Assays

DiaPharma has the tools for your Contact Activation Research

Contact Activation and its role in coagulation, anticoagulation, and inflammation

The contact activation pathway has been investigated as a target for potential pharmaceutical drugs. Its interactions in coagulation, anticoagulation, fibrinolysis, complement and inflammation make it complex but attractive for therapeutic interventions.

If you’re doing pre-clinical work or performing clinical trials, you need reliable, relevant tests. DiaPharma can help you select the right assays for suitable end points.

Assays to gain a better understanding of the contact system and its potential benefits:

Technothrombin® TGA*

  • Give thrombotic potential a number. Research thrombin generation when studying disease and progression.

Technochrom® C1-INH*

  • C1-Esterase Inhibitor Activity


  • Chromogenic Assay for Factor XIa

Prekallikrein and Kallikrein Measurement*

  • Highest quality chromogenic substrates, including S-2302, from the leaders in chromogenic substrate technology
  • Assays for Prekallikrein Activator Activity, Factor XII, Kallikrein Activity
  • PKA Standard, calibrated against the 3rd International Standard for PKA

Assays are automatable on the Ceveron® 100 series

Coatest® and Coamatic® Heparin

  • Reliable anticoagulation measurement using anti-Xa method

Plus our portfolio of biomarker assays for Complement, Bleeding Disorders, and Fibrinolysis

*Research use only in the U.S. and Canada. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

COVID-19 and Coagulation Research

Studying coagulation in COVID-19? Explore assays from DiaPharma to answer your COVID-19 research questions.

covid-19 biomarker assays

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