Explore the Atlas PST – a New Dimension of Platelet Analysis

Posted: February 23, 2023

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Stasys Atlas PST

Easy system for fast, accurate platelet function results

  • Designed to form microclots from whole blood samples to uniquely measure platelet contractile forces, aggregation, and function
  • Fast (< 3 minutes) and accurate results mean more information for your platelet function research
  • Reagents and agonists not needed – easy to bring in-house


 DiaPharma Stasys Atlas PST

DiaPharma Stasys Atlas PST

Top: The Stasys proprietary sensor technology measures the force of a formed microclot on the cellular level, and rapidly evaluates factors in the blood to assess coagulopathy.

Bottom: As the sample moves through the analysis chamber, microclots form and the force of the bond is measured.

Quickly detect all mechanisms of platelet dysfunction

  • Global assay of primary hemostasis measuring platelet clot strength
  • User-friendly device with small footprint (~1 sq ft) – rapid and self-contained testing
  • Minimal sample handling – no pipetting, no mixing
  • Report real-time data in under three minutes

DiaPharma Stasys Atlas PST

An individual sensor at the micron scale, and the shear gradients that it creates on passing streamlines of blood.

Add data in a multitude of research applications:

  • Research and drug development of potential therapeutics to restore primary hemostasis in e.g. ECMO subjects, anti-vWF agents, etc.
  • Bleeding risk / coagulopathy in trauma, sepsis, and DIC
  • Acute thrombosis (e.g. subjects with coronary artery disease before/after intervention, PAD, COVID, cancer-associated thrombosis)
  • Antiplatelet drug titration
  • Hereditary platelet disorders

For research use only in the U.S. and Canada. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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