The Cost Savings of APC Resistance Screening

Posted: June 23, 2021

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apc resistance test kit assay measurement v leiden

Save with every screening.

By screening for Factor V Leiden with the Coatest® APC™ Resistance V kit from DiaPharma, your lab could save thousands of dollars.

Each kit was designed to be easy to use for in-house screening, offering fast results and low costs for both large and small volume labs.

The most common FV Leiden screening test performed, Coatest® APC Resistance V offers close to 100% specificity, and is applicable to patients on anticoagulant therapy like heparin or warfarin.

Ideal for:

  • Ordering physicians looking for a sensitive assay with rapid turnaround
  • Labs looking to bring testing in-house
  • Labs looking for cost savings

Functional APC Resistance screening with Coatest® APC Resistance V offers an economical alternative to individual genetic testing, and significantly decreases the need for PCR analyses.

Save money without sacrificing reliability.


It’s Not Just Support. It’s Solutions.

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