Technozym® D-Dimer ELISA is a complete sandwich ELISA kit for the quantitative determination of D-Dimer in plasma based on monoclonal antibodies.

  1. Technozym D-DimerELISA test strips (12), with 8 wells each, coated with anti D-Dimer monoclonal antibody; the drying agent is supplied in an aluminium bag.
  2. Washing buffer concentrate (PBS; pH 7.3); containing detergent; 0.01 merthiolate; 1 bottle, 80 ml.
  3. Incubation buffer (PBS; pH 7.3); contains stabilizer protein; 0.05% proclin; and blue dye, 1 bottle, 90 ml, ready for use.
  4. Calibrators (Standards) numbered 1-5; lyophilized, 1 vial each. Concentrations are lotdependent; consult label on the vial.
  5. Control plasmas “low level” and “high level”, lyophilized; 1 vial each. Concentrations are lot-dependent; consult the label on the vial.
  6. Conjugate monoclonal Anti-D-Dimer-POX; dyed blue; 1 vial, 0.3 ml.
  7. Chromogen TMB (tetramethylbenzidine); 1 bottle, 12 mL; ready for use.
  8. Stopping solution: sulphuric acid 0.45 mol/l; 1 bottle 12 mL; ready for use.
  9. Adhesive film for ELISA test strips (2)

D-Dimer is generated as a specific soluble degradation product during fibrinolysis. Read more…