Chromogenix Antithrombin 25IU is a lyophilized powder prepared from human plasma after affinity chromatography on heparin-Sepharose gel. For the determination of Heparin. Pure preparation, does not contain stabilizer. Albumin-free.

Note: This preparation is not a standard.

Specific Activity

Above 6 IU/mg Antithrombin.

For laboratory use only.

Each vial contains:

  • Lyophilized human Antithrombin 25 – 30 lU
  • Sodium Chloride 11 mg

Can be used for determination of heparin, such as in anti-FXa assays where addition of exogenous antithrombin is desired.

Antithrombin in conjunction with heparin like substances is a potent inhibitor of thrombin, factor Xa, factor Xla and factor lXa.

What is the conversion factor for Antithrombin from IU to mg?
5 IU corresponds to 1 mg. Therefore a 25 IU vial corresponds to 5 mg AT. The molecular weight of AT is 58 kDa.