Also available in 5x 96-assays bulk pack (QZBtotpro5)

The assay measures the total amount of amino acids present in the hydrolyzed sample, with exception of proline and hydroxyproline. The amount of amino acids is a good measure for the amount of protein. A hydrolyzed protein standard is supplied with the kit to directly convert data to mg of protein.  The assay is simple and results in a colored product with an absorbance maximum close to 570 nm. The assay is developed to measure protein in acid tissue and/or protein hydrolyzates in such a way that the assay can be performed directly on the hydrolyzate without a drying or neutralization step.  When used in addition to the QuickZyme Total Collagen, or QuickZyme Hydroxyproline assay kits this assay kit allows for easy expression of the collagen or hydroxyproline amounts per total amount of protein.

QuickZyme Total Protein Assay Kit




Each 96 well kit contains:

  • Adhesive plate seal
  • Assay buffer
  • Reagent buffer
  • Color reagent (in dry form)
  • Protein standard (pre-hydrolyzed in dry form)
  • 96-well assay plate
  • Assay protocol booklet

The following materials and equipment are required but not supplied:

  • 6 M HCl for sample and standard dilution
  • DMSO for preparing color reagent stock solution
  • MilliQ or comparable high-quality water
  • Single and/or multichannel pipettes
  • Incubator for heating at 85°C
  • Microplate reader capable of measuring at a wavelength between540 and 580 nm, 570 nm preferred.
  • Micro plate shaker
  • Eppendorf tubes

Quantitative measurement of protein in acid hydrolyzates

Species independent

Colorimetric read out at 570 nm

Broad dynamic range: 0.05 to 3.0 mg/ml.

Sensitivity: 0.007 mg/ml

Uses BSA as standard

Ease-of-use: faster and easier than ELISA

Run time: <2 hours

Storage at room temperature

This kit does not require special equipment