The assay measures various types of fibrillar collagen. The most abundant collagen types are collagen type I (skin, bone, vessels, connective tissue), type II (cartilage) and type III (skin, bone, connective tissue).  The assay is intended for collagen analysis in conditioned cell culture media and cellular extracts. The assay is not affected by serum up to at least 10%.

Also available in 5x 96-assays bulk pack (QZBcol1-5)

The QuickZyme collagen assay is based on binding of the dye Sirius Red to collagen. Following binding of the dye, the collagen-dye complex precipitates, resulting in a colored pellet. This color can be released in an alkaline solution.

quickzyme soluble collagen assay kit

  • Plate Set and balance plate set, each containing:
  • 1 Assay microplate – 96 well polypropylene V-shaped microplate. Depending on the number of samples the plate can be cut for partial use.
  • 1 Reading microplate – 96 well clear polystyrene flat bottom microplate. This plate is used for the measurement of absorbance at 540 nm in a microplate reader; it can also be used as a holder for the assay plate during centrifugation.
  • 1 adhesive plate seal
  • Collagen standard solution
  • Rat tail type 1 collagen, 714 μg/ml in 20 mM acetic acid. The solution can be used for multiple standard lines. Sarstedt tube 1.5 ml (containing 500 μl)
  • Dye solution – Sterile solution containing Sirius Red dye. Plastic bottle 15 ml (containing 8 ml)
  • Dilution buffer – Sterile buffer for blanks and standard / sample dilution. Plastic bottle 30 ml (containing 20 ml)
  • Wash buffer – Buffer containing detergent (inflammable). 120 ml bottle (containing 80 ml)
  • Detection solution – Sterile alkaline buffer. 30 ml bottle (containing 18 ml)
  • Measures all types of fibrillar collagen, species independent
  • Measures soluble or solubilized collagens
  • Samples: tissue culture supernatants, cellular extracts and tissue homogenates
  • 96-well plate format
  • Quantitative
  • Range/sensitivity: 0.5 to 10 μg/ml.
  • Sensitivity: 0.69 ng/ml
  • Ease-of-use: Equivalent to ELISA
  • <3 h protocol

Store at 4°C

Application note 1: How to choose your collagen assay