Platelet Party? Let T-TAS® 01 be your designated driver.

Posted: July 8, 2021

Platelet Party? Let T-TAS® 01 be your designated driver. Use the leading edge in impaired primary hemostasis assessment and get results quickly with whole blood. The DiaPharma Group is excited to provide Fujimori Kogyo/Zacros’s T-TAS® 01 system – an automated microchip flow chamber system developed for the quantitative assessment of the thrombus formation process under physiologic flow conditions. The test requires few steps to run, whole-blood collection followed by transfer of 320 μL to a blood reservoir and attachment to test chip. Minimal pre-analytical handling and a simple to interpret numerical cut-off makes for a simple and reliable identification of patients with a primary hemostatic disorder or to measure the efficacy of any anti-platelet therapeutic in ten minutes or less from assay start.

The T-TAS® 01 is for the global evaluation of overall hemostatic ability using physiologic flow conditions, and is FDA-cleared for the analysis of platelet thrombus formation in those with impaired primary hemostatic function and for those on anti-platelet therapy. The T-TAS® 01 is sensitive to both aspirin and P2Y12 inhibition, as well as the various vWD subtypes and Glanzmann Thrombasthenia. Separate reagent kit or addition of exogenous agonists aren’t necessary.

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