Diapharma announces partnership with Haematex

Posted: September 1, 2018

Haematex developed and patented the XACT test for assessing hypercoagulability. Haematex newest product is DOAC Stop; a vital tool for any lab troubled by new or direct oral anticoagulants (NOACs / DOACs). DOAC-Stop removes all DOACs from sample plasmas without affecting other tests of hemostasis. Its effect is best measured using Haematex’s uniformly-sensitive RVV-based DOAC-Test reagent and it complements Haematex’s HEP-Stop (HRRS) for investigating unexpectedly prolonged APTT results. For lupus anticoagulant testing we have Haematex liquid stable dRVT-LS (LA Sensitive) and dRVT-LR (LA Resistant) reagents with “LS/LR” ratios being unaffected by VKA (Warfarin) or DOACs. There is also SACT II, a non-settling alternative to the classic kaolin clotting time (KCT) reagent and the Intrinsin APTT reagents; LA Sensitive and LA Resistant. All these can be supplied ready-for -use or as powders for your own reconstitution. Haematex can supply synthetic phospholipid blends and also other procoagulant products such as soluble ellagic acid and equine collagen.

Haematex was founded by Thomas Exner PhD, a well-known blood coagulation expert specializing in coagulation methods. With over 35 years of experience, Thomas Exner has made numerous presentations at hematology meetings, published over 100 papers, and has several patents. He is responsible for the one stage dilute Russells Viper venom test (dRVT) that is widely used for detecting lupus anticoagulants. He worked for 20 years in Hematology labs at Royal Prince Alfred and Westmead Hospitals in Sydney, becoming increasingly involved with research, quality control matters and diagnostic test development in the blood coagulation area. His special area of interest includes prothrombotic conditions, detection of which may predict strokes and heart attacks.

Haematex Products


  • Haematex Intrinsin LR (Lupus Anticoagulant Resistant) APTT Reagent (X9811P)
  • Haematex Intrinsin LS (Lupus Anticoagulant Sensitive) APTT Reagent (X9801P)
  • Haematex Ellagic Acid (X9552)
  • Haematex HRRS (Heparin Resistant Recalcifying Solution) (X9107AE)


  • Haematex Collagen (Equine Fibrous Type I/III) (X9310)
  • Haematex SOLCOLL (Soluble Collagen Dispersion) (X9315)

Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs)

  • Haematex DOAC-Stop (10 tablets) (X9211)
  • Haematex DOAC-Stop (20 tablets) (X9904-20)
  • Haematex DOAC-Stop (50 tablets) (X9904-50)
  • Haematex DOAC-Stop (100 tablets) (X9904-100)
  • Haematex DOAC (Direct Oral Anticoagulant) test (X9211)


  • Haematex Synthetic Procoagulant Phospholipid (X9113)
  • Haematex Synthetic Procoagulant (II) Phospholipid (X9115)
  • Haematex Soybean Phospholipid (X9104)

Russel’s Viper Venom

  • Haematex RVV-V (Russel Viper Venom Factor V activated) (X9503)
  • Haematex RVV-X (Russel Viper Venom Factor X activated) (X9501)
  • Haematex dRVT LR (Dilute Russell Viper Venom Test Lupus Anticoagulant Resistant) (X9702P)
  • Haematex dRVT LS (Dilute Russell Viper Venom Test Lupus Anticoagulant Sensitive) (X9701P)


  • Haematex Alumina Gel Adsorbent (X9111)

Haematex company page