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INRoads to researching liver disease and coagulation

In December 2022, the ISTH Scientific and Standardization Committee (SSC) established a new subcommittee on hemostatic management of patients with liver diseases, underscoring the need for awareness and research into the hemostatic complexities in liver disease.

DiaPharma’s long-time expertise in the Hemostasis and Liver Disease fields means we’re uniquely positioned to deliver solutions.

If you’re studying intrahepatic thrombosis, liver fibrogenesis, or developing new hemostasis-focused liver disease therapies, DiaPharma can help you select the assays that best suit your needs.

Liver Disease Coagulopathy Research ELISA Assay kits

Markers of Hemostasis

Liver diseases such as acute fatty liver or cirrhosis can be associated with imbalances in coagulation, whether due to defects of platelet count/function, decrease in synthesis of coagulation factors, decrease in clearance of activated coagulation factors, or overactive fibrinolysis.

Research may focus on answering questions such as which subjects are bleeding risks? Which may have thrombotic complications? What is the severity of the liver disease? Do you need more information than the INR can give?

DiaPharma has the tools for your Liver Disease Coagulopathy Research

Technothrombin® TGA*

  • Give thrombotic potential a number. Research thrombin generation when studying disease and progression
  • Automatable on the Ceveron® s100 or t100

Fibrinolytic Markers*

  • PAI-1 Activity and Antigen, Plamsin-Antiplasmin (P-AP) ELISAs

Bleeding Disorder Markers

  • vWF activity, vWF antigen, vWF propeptide*, collagen binding* ELISAs

T-TAS01® Platelet Function Analyzer

  • Discover the leading edge in primary hemostasis assessment
  • Global evaluation of overall hemostatic ability in whole blood, using physiologic, flow conditions
  • Easy interpretation, reduced costs, simple pre-analytics

Non-Invasive Biomarkers for Fatty Liver Disease*

  • CK18 and ccCK18 cell death biomarkers for liver disease
  • Measure apoptosis (M30®) or total cell death (M65®)

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*Research use only in the U.S. and Canada. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.