Dr. Steffen Rosén has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and started his career at Kabi Diagnostica 1978. He expanded the bioreagent purification and was responsible for the development of Coatest® Factor VIII, the first chromogenic FVIII kit. He became head of coagulation research and later Director R&D and VP Scientific and Medical Affairs at Chromogenix.

Under his guidance, several chromogenic kits in coagulation and fibrinioysis were developed as well as the clotting based Coatest® APC™ Resistance kit. Dr. Rosen was also the technical expert in patent matters at Chromogenix. In 2000, Dr. Rosen founded Rossix, a family owned, family operated company devoted to hemostasis research and diagnostics, which manufacturers hemostasis reagents. Today he serves as owner and operating manager of Rossix.

Determination of Factor VIII potency