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Diapharma Group, Inc. in West Chester, Ohio sells hemostasis, thrombosis, platelet function testinginstrumentation, and apoptosis products in the diagnostic and research fields and provides strong technical competence and experience to ensure customer expectations will be met or exceeded.

diapharma hemostasis chromogenic clotting elisa assay test kit



The Diapharma Group, Inc. formed on January 1, 1997 from Pharmacia Hepar, Inc. in Franklin, Ohio, and began as the exclusive US and Canadian distributor of the Chromogenix substrates and assays.

Over a quarter-century ago, Chromogenix developed the first chromogenic substrate technology under the former name, Kabi Diagnostica. Kabi later merged with Pharmacia. Some of Diapharma’s current staff worked inside the Chromogenix department within Pharmacia’s heparin manufacturing plant.

In 1998, Diapharma moved to West Chester, Ohio, where it remains today. Over the years, Diapharma expanded its product line to include a variety of hemostasis, cell death, platelet function, ecotoxicology, assays, reagents, antibodies and instruments from superior manufacturers.

In 2017, Diapharma celebrated twenty years of success.


diapharma hemostasis chromogenic clotting elisa assay test kit



Diapharma’s major product areas include hemostasis, coagulation, anticoagulation, fibrinolysis, platelet function, cell death and toxicology. We sell individual bioreagents, controls, calibrators, substrates, deficient plasmas, antibodies as well as reagent complete chromogenic assays, clotting assays, ELISA test kits and instruments.

diapharma hemostasis chromogenic clotting elisa assay test kit



Diapharma Group, Inc. operates as a privately held company. In addition to the managers listed here, we have a full staff of customer and technical support representatives dedicated to supporting our customers.

Madeleine Burmester
President and CEO
Diapharma Tom Fister
Tom Fister
Director of Operations
and Compliance
Diapharma Mike Burke
Mike Burke
Director of
Commercial Operations
Diapharma Cliff Hunt
Cliff Hunt
Director of
National Accounts
Diapharma Mike Hambleton
Mike Hambleton, PhD
Vice President
Diapharma Tinu Adewole
Tinu Adewole
Territory Manager
Diapharma Gloria Sukes
Gloria Sukes
Territory Manager
Diapharma Tom Boulden
Tom Boulden, MS
Territory Manager




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diapharma chromogenic clotting elisa assay test kit


Scientific Advisers

Diapharma has collaborated with select leaders in the industry to provide additional technical support and expert advice to our customers.

Dr. Patrick N. Shaklee

Dr. Patrick N. Shaklee obtained his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Illinois (USA) in 1985 under the direction of Professor H. Edward Conrad. Following postdoctoral work at the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Shaklee was Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at the University of North Texas from 1989-1992.  Read more…

Dr. Steffen Rosén

Dr. Steffen Rosén has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and started his career at Kabi Diagnostica 1978. He expanded the bioreagent purification and was responsible for the development of Coatest® Factor VIII, the first chromogenic FVIII kit. He became head of coagulation research and later Director R&D and VP Scientific and Medical Affairs at Chromogenix. Read more…



Diapharma distributes these quality brands and others in the United States and Canada.



chromogenix chromogenic substrate assay test kit



diapharma chromogenic clotting elisa assay test kits



CK18 apoptosis ELISA assay test kit



technoclone elisa assay test kits



diapharma rossix chromogenic assay test kits



vitogellinin elisa assay test kits




Multiplate platelet function analyzer



Haematex ELISA assay test kits DOAC-stop tablets




ImmunoDiagnostics ELISA assay test kits







Generic Assays


biotek fluorescence reader instrument analyzer assay test kit




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West Chester, OH 45069

West Chester is a township within Butler county in the southwestern corner of Ohio. It is approximately 20 minutes north of downtown Cincinnati, 40 minutes south of Dayton, 1.5 hours southwest of Columbus and near the borders of Indiana and Kentucky.

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