cancer research

Measure What Matters

Unique cell proliferation and apoptosis ELISAs for all stages of drug discovery

Human-Specific Serum Markers for Solid Tumor Research

cancer research ELISAs

In cancer, time is everything.


  • Translational biomarker of cell proliferation
  • Easy to use standard ELISA
  • The better way to measure TK1
cancer research ELISAs
M30® Apoptosense®

  • Translational biomarker of apoptotic cell death
  • Easy to use standard ELISA
  • Can be used in combination with M65® ELISA for necrosis measurement
cancer research ELISAs
*Research use only in the U.S. and Canada

Oncology markers for all stages of drug discovery

cancer research ELISAs

Detect the Undetectable

cancer research ELISAs
Expand your cancer research toolbox with us and explore our ultra high sensitive, no wash, no substrate ELISA series from Fianostics, featuring FluoBolt™ Technology.

  • Single-step procedure
  • Long-term stable signals
  • No special instrumentation required
cancer research ELISAs


Catalog #


Arocell TK210 ELISA 1001-15
Peviva M30® Apoptosense® P10011
Peviva M65® Epideath P10040
Peviva M65® ELISA P10020
Fianostics Fluobolt™ Noggin FIA-1701
Fianostics Fluobolt™ Asporin FIA-1702
Fianostics Fluobolt™ Periostin FIA-1703
Fianostics Fluobolt™ α-Klotho FIA-1704
Mac-2 Binging Protein DPG27362
M65 EpiRat® P10060
IQ Macro163™ ELISA IQP-383
Chromogenic Substrate CS PSA (KLK3) DPG586-25


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*Research use only in the U.S. and Canada