TGA Testing Products

Thrombin Generation Assay (TGA) is a more global downstream read out for the kinetics of thrombin generation during initiation, amplification and down regulation of thrombin formation from activation of proteins in the coagulation cascade, like PKA and FXIa. Technothrombin® TGA is a complete fluorogenic tool for a broad range of applications and is therefore a universal assay kit for analyzing and researching the function of the hemostatic system.



Thrombin Generation Assays

Calibrated Automated Thrombogram Thrombodynamics
Hands-On Time 30 minutes <5 minutes 30 minutes <5 minutes
Assay Time 60 minutes 40 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes
Complexity to Operate Standard Laboratory Skills and Equipment Basic Laboratory Skills and Equipment Standard Laboratory Skills and Equipment Single-Button Operation
Barcode No Yes No Yes
Plasma Volume 40 µL/Reaction 40 µL/Reaction 80 µL/Reaction 120 µL/Reaction
Calibration Required Yes, curve Yes, curve Yes, curve No
Individual α2M Calibrator Not Needed Not Needed Necessary for Every Sample Not Needed
Total Volume 100 µL 150 µL 120 µL 125 µL
Assay Format 96 Well Plate Cuvette 96 Well Plate 2 Channel Cuvette
Throughput ~48 Samples/Hour ~48 Samples/Hour ~48 Samples/Hour 2 Samples/Hour
Analysis Excel Application Ceveron Alpha Thrombinoscope Thrombodynamics
Reaction Homogenous Homogenous Homogenous Propagation from surface
Trigger Variable Variable Variable Variable
Thrombin Generation Parameters Lag Time (min) Lag Time (min) Lag Time (min) Lag Time (min)
Peak Thrombin (nM) Peak Thrombin (nM) Peak Thrombin (nM) Peak Thrombin (AU/L)
Velocity Index Velocity Index Time to Peak (min) Time to Peak (min)
Total Thrombin
Total Thrombin
Endogenous Thrombin Potential Total Thrombin Potential (AU*min/L)
Rate of Thrombin Propagation (µm/min)
Amplitude of Stationary Thrombin Peak (AU/L)
Additional Parameters Clotting Assays SpatioTemporal Dyanmics of Fibrin Propagation
  Chromogenic Assays Clot Size (µm)
  Turbidimetric Assays Clot Density (a.u.)


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