Orders for available items in quantity 10 or more or $10,000 or more in value can be held at Diapharma’s facility by signing a “sequester agreement”. Once you return a signed sequester agreement, Diapharma will temporarily hold your items for up to 30 calendar days.

Diapharma must receive an official purchase order for these products within these 30 calendar days. If a purchase order does not follow within 30 days, Diapharma will return your items to our general available inventory.

The sequester agreement states that you must take all items either per a prearranged schedule or by 90 days from the expiration date of the products. No returns, reductions in quantity, other alterations or cancellations are possible. In some situations, Diapharma may not have sufficient quantity to fill the sequester order. Diapharma will make every attempt to secure the entire quantity ordered.

Download a sequester agreement

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