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About Rossix

Rossix is a company devoted to thrombosis and hemostasis. The company represents the experience of more than 30 years of development work in the field.

Rossix provides products for use in hemostasis research and quality control and performs contract analyses on a regular basis. The vast majority of Rossix customers are pharmaceutical companies and academic bioscience laboratories.


The driving force behind Rossix is to support the realization of new pharmaceuticals for improved patient treatment.

By providing methods and reagents, Rossix assists the academic and industrial scientists to set up the appropriate testing methods needed in order to:

  • better understand haemostatic disorders.
  • design and evaluate drug candidates.
  • control and evaluate bio-pharmaceutical production.

Contract Analysis

The core competence of Rossix comprises chromogenic activity and ELISA assays and they have gained a strong competence after performing contract analyses of more than 20 different plasma analytes.

Rossix participates on a regular basis as a reference center in multicenter calibration studies related to primary and secondary WHO standards and our laboratory has a strong track record and the know how to assist you with:

  • Exploratory Analysis
  • Product Characterization
  • Pharmacokinetic studies
  • Production Optimization

Method Development

Rossix possesses an in-depth knowledge and experience in development of functional methods within the field of hemostasis.

Rossix has a successful track record of innovative chromogenic assay development, e.g.:

  • Factor VIII
  • Factor X
  • Factor IX
  • Factor IXa
  • Factor VII
  • Factor V
  • Factor II
  • Protein C

Steffen Rosén

ISTH SSC Factor XIa presentation

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Rossix Rox Prothrombin (Factor II) chromogenic assay kit