T-TAS® 01

The Total Thrombus formation Analysis System (T-TAS®) is an automated microchip flow chamber system used to quantify the process of thrombus formation under blood flow conditions.  The TTAS01 enables the ex vivo evaluation of overall hemostatic ability that more closely resembles in vivo conditions than other methodologies.

Technology Behind T-TAS

The T-TAS01 measures multiple integrated physical and physiologic properties of collagen and shear force stimulated platelets through the formation of the platelet plug.  The T-TAS01 measures the pressure differential over time across the test flow channel.  In this method, the patient sample is flowed through the collagen coated test channels.  As the platelets adhere, activate, and aggregate to the walls of the microfluidic channels, the channels begin to occlude and the pressure builds.  This building is measured and displayed by highly sensitive pressure sensors in real-time.

T-TAS Consumables

PL Chip

The PL Chip for TTAS01 is designed for the diagnosis of primary hemostasis deficiencies and to monitor anti-platelet therapeutics.  Each individual test contains 26 collagen coated capillary channels in parallel for internal quality control purposes.  Each chip is sufficient to run two samples.

PL Chip Reservoir

The PL Chip for TTAS01 is designed for the diagnosis of primary hemostasis deficiencies and to monitor anti-platelet therapeutics.  The PL Chip Reservoir allows blood to be safely loaded without risk of contaminating the PL Chip itself.  A single blood reservoir is needed per test run.

BAPA Tubes

The BAPA tube for TTAS01 is intended to be used for the collection, transport, and storage of blood specimens for use with TTAS01 system.  BAPA (Benzylsulfonyl-1-D-arginiyl-prolyl-4-amidobenzylamide) is an inhibitor of both Factor Xa and thrombin (Factor IIa).  This allows for complete anticoagulation of blood without interfering, like sodium citrate based anticoagulation does, with physiological levels of calcium ions.

AR Chip

The AR Chip for T-TAS01 is designed to study the complex web of biochemical and biophysical reactions that occur between platelets and the coagulation cascade system at the site of vascular injury.  Under flow conditions, platelet activation and the coagulation processes are dynamically intertwined with one another affected by platelets, coagulation factors, and their various inhibitors and activators.

AR and HD Chip Reservoir Set

The AR and HD Chip Reservoir Set is designed to allow for the proper loading of citrate anticoagulated blood to either the AR or HD Chip without risk of contamination of the chip itself.  A single reservoir set is used per chip assay.

CaCTI Reagent

Calcium Corn Trypsin Inhibitor (CaCTI) Reagent is used for two purposes when running either the AR or the HD chip on the T-TAS01.  First, the CTI acts to inhibit the activation of the contact (intrinsic) pathway of coagulation by reversibly binding to Factor XIIa.  The Calcium ions are used to recalcify the citrated blood, removing the inhibition of several coagulation factors, including: Factors IXa and Xa allowing the extrinsic coagulation pathway to initiate upon proper activation.