The Ceveron® 100 series is the first fully automated coagulation analyzer where you can simultaneously utilize up to 5 different technologies—clotting, chromogenic, turbidimetric, fluorescent, and fluorescent quenching—for all your hemostasis research needs.   The Ceveron® 100 series comes in three versions.  The Ceveron c100 is the ideal tool for testing classical clotting, chromogenic, and turbidimetric parameters without limitation.  The Ceveron® t100 is your instrument of choice to run a fully automated thrombin generation assay and all other classical hemostasis assays at the same time, on the same instrument.  The Ceveron® s100 combines all the functionality of the Ceveron® t100 and adds a cutting-edge fluorescent quenching module useful for assays utilizing either static or dynamic quenching—such as Förster Resonance Energy Transfer.  For this quenching , module, Technoclone has released a new Technofluor® FXIII Activity and Technofluor® ADAMTS13 Activity kits, each capable of being completed in under 30 minutes, saving time, reagents, and subject plasma sample.