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ATLAS Platelet Strength Test:
A New Dimension in Platelet Function

Delve into the innovative ATLAS PST technology and its unparalleled functional measurements for platelet biomechanics on a multi-platelet scale.


Stays Medical Corporation’s Atlas Platelet Strength Test (PST) measures platelet functional forces and aggregation via micro-sensors and video microscopy on an automatically loaded microfluidic cartridge under flow conditions.

The Atlas PST provides real-time information on an individual’s true platelet functionality rapidly and comprehensively.  The innovative microfluidic chip utilized by the Atlas PST delivers higher quality test results than other platelet analyzer without a complicated pre-analytical test preparation procedure.  This allows for a more complete understanding of bleeding and the primary hemostasis system.

Platelet Micro Force Technology

Stasys force sensor  Stasys Sensor with Platelet

The Atlas PST measures multiple physical properties of collagen and shear force stimulated platelets assessment throughout the formation of the platelet plug.

The groundbreaking technology in the Atlas PST is the measurement of platelet forces generated on a nano-scale over time on a fixed block and flexible post method.  In this method, the sample is flowed over a collagen coated array of microsensors.  A detector measures both the real size of the platelet aggregate, but also the micro forces being generated by the active, contractile platelets on the flexible post.

Microfluidic Cartridges

SPS assays are performed in collagen coated microfluidic cartridges designed for maximal precision and accuracy.  Preparing the blood sample is as simple as adding blood to a syringe and screwing into the cartridge.

stasys card