Ceveron® 100

Ceveron s100Fully Automated coagulation and special-coag analyzer.  Thrombin generation and ADAMTS13 activity in less than 30 minutes and as easy as a routine assay



Platelet clotting and primary hemostasis diagnosis in the lab


Cutting edge platelet functionality in about 5 minutes


Thrombodynamics T2 System

Spatiotemporal dynamics of clot growth and fibrinolysis with an option for dynamic thrombin generation



Multiplate platelet function testing aggegometry

Platelet aggregation by multiple electrode impedance

Ceveron® m Series

Semi-Automated coagulation analyzer with 1 to 4 optical channels

Ceveron® MFU500

Purify microparticle free plasma, on your bench, at a switch of the button in a fraction of the time as through ultra-centrifugation