This product has been discontinued in the North American market.  If you have interest in purchasing a legacy system or compatible reagents, please contact us.

Multiplate® Prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) is a reagent kit for the assessment of ADPtest HS and assessment of positive (i.e. abnormal) controls of the ADPtest on the Multiplate® instrument. For the evaluation of qualitative platelet defects as well as platelet function inhibition. PGE1 enhances the sensitivity of ADPtest to platelet function inhibition especially to the effect of clopidogrel. Moreover, the addition of a higher dose of PGE1 into the sample can induce an abnormal aggregation in ADPtest, which allows the performance of an abnormal control (positive control). Prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) is used in combination with the ADPtest reagent (MP0120). In the ADPtest HS, an incomplete blockade of aggregation is often seen with clopidogrel therapy. This may be due to the fact that ADP not only triggers the P2Y12 receptor on the platelet surface (e.g., the receptor that is blocked by clopidogrel), but also other ADP receptors (which are not affected by copidogrel). A combination of ADP and physiological platelet inhibitor (prostaglandin E1(PGE1)) can be more sensitive for the detection of the action of clopidogrel than the use of ADP alone. The binding of ADP to the P2Y12 receptor reduces the level of cAMP in the platelet, which in turn enhances the release of calcium from endogenous sources. The enhancement of intracellular calcium leads to the activation and aggregation of the platelet. PGE1 reduces the mobilization of calcium and thus inhibits platelet aggregation. As clopidogrel also reduces the platelet activation by ADP, clopidogrel and PGE1 act synergistically.

Reagents, Storage and Stability

  • MP0160: Multiplate® Prostaglandin E1, PGE1, Kit, 1 x 1.0 mL, lyophilized (300 nM), with 5 micro test tubes for aliquotation. An unopened reagent is stable until the expiry date printed on the vial label when stored at 2-8°C, 7 days after reconstitution when stored at 2-8°C, 4 weeks < -20°C, or 24 hours at room temperature after one time thawing.

Also Available

  • MP0096: Multiplate® PGtest Aliquot Vials, Bag, 100 micro tubes color coded micro test tubes for aliquotation.
  • MP0260: Multiplate® Prostaglandin E1, PGE1, Kit, 3 x 1.0 mL, lyophilized (300 nM), without micro test tubes for aliquotation.
  • MP0540: Multiplate® Prostaglandin E1, PGE1, Bag, 1 x 1.0 mL, lyophilized (300 nM), without micro test tubes for aliquotation.

PGE1 is a natural platelet inhibitor which triggers an increase in cAMP levels in the platelet. cAMP is a socalled second messenger, i.e. an intracellular signalling molecule. A decrease of the cAMP level in the platelet leads to platelet activation. An increase of the cAMP level counteracts platelet activation. The addition of 20 µl PGE1 to the ADPtest (9.4 nM PGE1 final conc.) induces a moderate inhibition of platelet activation in healthy normal blood samples, but a significant increase of sensitivity of the ADPtest to the platelet inhibition by clopidogrel. The addition of 50 µl PGE1 into ADPtest (22 nM PGE1 final conc.) normally induces a strong inhibition of ADP induced aggregation (positive control for ADPtest).