This product has been discontinued in the North American market.  If you have interest in purchasing a legacy system or compatible reagents, please contact us.

Multiplate® ASPItest is a reagent kit used for monitoring of Aspirin® and other cycloxygenase inhibitors in routine platelet aggregation studies for the evaluation of normal platelet function on the Multiplate® Analyzer. The ASPItest reagent is a lyophilized preparation of arachidonic acid (AA), stock concentration 15 mM.

Reagents, Storage and Stability

  • MP0110: Multiplate® ASPItest reagent, Bag, 1 x 1.0 mL, 5 color coded micro test tubes for aliquotation. 50 tests. Reagent is stable until the expiration date printed on the vial label when stored at 2-8°C.

Also available

  • MP0091Multiplate® ASPItest Aliquot Vials, Bag, 100 color coded micro test tubes.
  • MP0191: Multiplate® ASPItest reagent, Kit, 1 x 1.0 mL. 50 tests
  • MP0210: Multiplate® ASPItest reagent, Kit, 3 x 1.0 mL. 150 tests

In the ASPItest, platelets are activated by arachidonic acid, which is converted by the platelet cyclooxygenase enzyme (COX-1) to the potent platelet agonist thromboxane A2. Arachidonic acid alone is not a platelet agonist and is the physiological substrate of the platelet COX-1. Therefore, platelet activation in the ASPItest allows a very sensitive and specific detection of Aspirin® action.