This product has been discontinued in the North American market.  If you have interest in purchasing a legacy system or compatible reagents, please contact us.

Multiplate® ADPtest is a reagent kit used in the research of clopidogrel, prasugrel and other ADP receptor antagonists in platelet aggregation studies for the evaluation of normal platelet function on the Multiplate® Analyzer.

Reagents, Composition, Storage and Stability

  • MP0120: Multiplate® ADPtest reagent, Bag, 1 x 1.0 mL, 5 color coded (green) micro test tubes for aliquotation. Reagent is lyophilized preparation of adenosine-5’-diphosphate, stock concentration 0.2 mM. 50 tests. Stable until the expiration date printed on the vial label when stored at 2-8°C.

Also available

  • MP0092Multiplate® ADPtest Aliquot Vials, Bag, 100 color coded (green) micro test tubes for aliquotation.
  • MP0192: Multiplate® ADPtest reagent, Kit, 1 x 1.0 mL. 50 tests.
  • MP0220: Multiplate® ADPtest reagent, Kit, 3 x 1.0 mL. 150 tests.

In the ADPtest, platelets are activated by ADP, which triggers several receptors on the platelet surface. Clopidogrel and related drugs block the P2Y12 receptor, which is believed to be the most important receptor for ADP on the platelet surface.