The Total Thrombus formation Analysis System (T-TAS®) 01 is a compact, automated microchip flow-chamber system for the rapid and comprehensive monitoring of hemostasis in a patient.  As the hemostasis processes unfold within the capillary channels, a highly sensitive pressure sensor measures thrombus formation under blood flow conditions within the channels and are analyzed over time.  The overall thrombus formation inside the chip is quantified as the area under the pressure-time curve; integrating the time for initial clot formation, the velocity of clot growth, the extent of channel occlusion, and the dynamic growth and dissolution of clot.

The T-TAS01 makes use of a small volume (~320 µL) anti-coagulated whole-blood with no analytical preprocessing.

There is no exogenous stimulation of platelets to drive the assay.

The PL Chip runs to completion in under 10 minutes

Educational Webinar: “Shearly you can’t be serious! T-TAS® 01 for Total Platelet Function Testing

The T-TAS01 records changes in pressure generated at regular intervals as the capillary channels occlude.

36 x 32 x 24.7 cm (14.2” x 12.6” x 9.7”)

6.0 kg (13.2 lbs)