Ceveron® TGA CAL Set is used to establish a thrombin generation calibration curve on the Ceveron® alpha, Ceveron® t100, and the Ceveron® s100  fully automated coagulation analyzers.  The calibration curve is then used to relay the raw data generated by the Ceveron® RB Kit, Ceveron® RC Low Kit, and Ceveron® RC High Kit into concentration of thrombin (nM) at regular intervals.

Ceveron® TGA is based on monitoring the fluorescence generated by the cleavage of a fluorogenic substrate by thrombin over time following activation of the coagulation cascade in plasma by a trigger reagent composed of tissue factor and negatively charged phospholipid micelles.  The concentration of thrombin (nM) can be calculated from the changes in fluorescence over time from the calibration curve.  The increase in thrombin concentration over time allows for the calculation of the thrombin generation curve and to calculate the various thrombin generation parameters.

  Reagent Description
1x 0.5mL Ceveron® TGA CAL ~1,000 nM thrombin in buffer with BSA.  Lyophilized
1x 3mL Ceveron® TGA CAL BUF Hepes-NaCl buffer containing BSA.  Lyophilized

Stability and Storage:

Reagent Ceveron® Cooling Block
Ceveron® TGA CAL 4 Hours
Ceveron® TGA CAL BUF 4 Hours