Haematex SOLCOLL is a solubilized full length equine collagen type I/III for potential use in platelet aggregation testing, platelet adhesion, collagen binding studies or other applications where collagen is needed. Solcoll can also be used for triggering platelet aggregation in whole blood impedence testing as with the Multiplate®. It comes as a slightly turbid, viscous liquid relatively stable 200µg/ml suspension in 0.02 M tris/HEPES glucose buffer at pH 7.2.

The 100µg/ml stock solution can be diluted in water, saline or lower ionic strength neutral buffer to any desired collagen concentration. A range between 1-10µg/ml is usually prepared for light transmission aggregometry (LTA).

Platelet aggregation is usually carried out with 0.45ml PRP and 0.05ml collagen dilution though proportionally smaller volumes can be used.

Stability of Solcoll is tentatively 1 year at 4°C or 2 weeks at 20°C, but considerably less for diluted samples depending on diluent used and storage temperature.