Thrombodynamics® TDX is a reagent and consumable kit used to perform measurements of spatiotemporal dynamics of fibrin clot formation in blood plasma samples on the Thrombodynamics® T2F and T2T Analyzers.

  • Reagent I. 10 Neutral Plastic Tubes:
    Contains a lyophilized mix of a contact pathway activation inhibitor and additives.
    Reagent I is ready to use as packaged
  • Reagent II. 10 Blue Plastic Tubes:
    Contains a lyophilized mix of calcium salt and additives
    Reagent II is ready to use as packaged
  • Measurement Cuvette. 5 Individually wrapped cuvettes:
    A plastic vial with 2 thin channels for plasma samples
    Measurement cuvettes are ready to use as packaged
  • Activating Insert. 5 Individually wrapped inserts
    A plastic comb with immobilized tissue factor in its bottom end faces
    Activation insert is ready to use as packaged

In the Thrombodynamics® test kits, protein tissue factor (TF) located on the end face of the activating insert mimics the physiology of a damaged vasculature or inflammation.  A basal level of active serine protease Factor VIIa binds this TF to become a fully functional protease that eventually leads to fibrin polymerization and clot formation.  The on board dark-field camera images this fibrin polymerization over time allowing for quantification of multiple parameters to blood coagulation using special mathematical techniques.




Thrombodynamics T2F Graph