The Stasys Atlas PST flows a volume to whole blood over a single use microfluidic test cartridge which incorporates an array of microsensors that produces a shear force, the physiologic initiator of platelet activation, on the blood.  When adhered, aggregated, and activated on the sensor’s block and post, the platelets contract, pulling on the post.  The force exerted on the post, which is continually monitored, describes the activity and functionality of the platelets more completely than any system relying solely on aggregation, platelet count, or viscoelastic readings can since it describes the final step in the formation of the platelet clot.  The array of sensors adds a level of internal quality control by allowing comparison of the data from each individual sensor against all of the remaining sensors.

The recommended minimum volume of whole blood is 700 µL.

Stasys force sensor

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