Intended research use:
Designed for research purposes only, not intended for diagnostic purposes.

Assay Principle:

The Diapharma Serum Collagen IV ELISA is designed for the measurement of collagen IV in the urine. It is a solid phase one-step sandwich ELISA using two monoclonal antibodies (mouse anti-human clone 4H12 and mouse anti-human clone 1D3).  Clone 4H12 binds the 7S domain and 1D3 binds the triple helix domain of human placental type IV collagen.  This results in the collagen IV molecule being sandwiched between the solid phase and enzyme-labelled antibodies. After removing unbound enzyme-labeled antibody and sample, the plate is incubated with enzyme substrate. The resultant color development is directly proportional to the amount of collagen IV in the sample.


  • Complete ELISA kit
  • Standardized and quantitative
  • Only 50 µl of serum sample is needed
  • Ready-to-use pre-coated ELISA plates


Detection Range:  0.8 – 50 ug/L µg/mL
Sensitivity:  0.8 µg/mL
Sample volume:  50 µL
Sample type:  Urine
Incubation time:  1 hour
Format:  Sandwich ELISA
Cross reaction:  Cross reactivity is less than 2% with Collagen II and less than 0.5% with other forms of collagen.
Reference values:  It is recommended that each laboratory establish its own reference range.
Species:  Human; other species may be cross-reactive, but no formal testing has been completed
Availability / Lead Time:  This kit is manufactured at the time of order and may have a 3 month production time depending on stock status
Minimum order quantity: Contact Diapharma Group
Manufactured for Diapharma Group

The Diapharma Human Collagen IV ELISA kit has previously been offered and/or published under the following brands:
–  Biotrin
–  Argutus Biomedical
–  TECO Medical
–  Kyowa Pharma Chemical
–  Daiichi Fine Chemical
–  Panassay: IV-C; Fuji Chemical Industries

  • Collagen IV Antibody coated Microassay Plate: 12 strips of 8 wells (96 break apart wells in total), in a frame. Ready to Use.
  • Collagen IV Calibrator:  Stock Solution, 1000 ug/L
  • 10X Wash Buffer Concentrate
  • Dilution Buffer:  Ready to Use
  • Enzyme Conjugate: Anti-collagen IV mouse Fab’ conjugated to HRP, Ready to Use
  • TMB Substrate: Ready to Use
  • Stop Solution: 1 M Sulfuric acid, Ready to Use
  • Uncoated Microassay: Plate Ready to Use

Reference List:

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*Original historic reverence for this ELISA kit