Technoclone Lupus Anticoagulant Test is a reagent kit for determination of Lupus inhibitor. Modified aPTTs are performed in using two different phospholipid concentrations each in a plasma exchange assay of the plasma sample with normal plasma.

Lupus inhibitors directed against platelet factor III (phospholipids) can be detected by means of a modified activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT). In the test an activator of SiO2/AI2O3 suspension and two phospholipid concentrations are used. The modified aPTT’s are performed with normal plasma (free from platelet contamination), with patient plasma and with a mixture of both plasmas. From the shape of the “aPTT against plasma concentration” curve the probability of the presence of lupus inhibitor can be assessed.

  • Reagent A: 1 x 3, phospholipid
  • Reagent B: 2 x 3, SiO2/AI2O3-suspension
  • Reagent C: 2 x 2, platelet poor normal plasma
  • Lupus Inhibitor plasma low: 1 x 1, positive control


Lupus Inhibitor Plasma Low is prepared from selected lupus inhibitor plasma positive in most Lupus Inhibitor screening and confirmatory assays. Lupus Inhibitor Plasma contains stabilizers but no bactericide additives.

(not supplied with the kit)

– Pipette
– Distilled water
– Buffer (catalog# 5279025 CaCl2 50 mmol/l solution 100 ml)