Technozym® PAP Complex ELISA is an assay kit for the determination of Plasmin-Alpha-2-Antiplasmin (PAP) Complex in plasma. The PAP Complex ELISA Kit is based on a monoclonal catching antibody which is directed against the neoantigenic site on the complex, an epitope only expressed in the complexes themselves. Therefore, this antibody is specific for complexes only and does not recognize free alpha-2-antiplasmin or plasminogen. Detection of bound complexes is performed with a second monoclonal peroxidase-labeled antibody recognizing a different epitope on the complex.

The Technozym® Plasmin-α-2-antiplasmin (PAP) complex ELISA can be used to detect elevated levels of this complex which may occur during thrombotic events, in cases of endogenous hyperfibrinolysis and thrombolytic research.

  1. ELISA test strips (12): with 8 wells each, precoated with a monoclonal antibody directed against the neoantigen in the PAP complex; the drying agent is supplied in an aluminium bag
  2. Washing buffer concentrate (PBS; pH 7.3); containing detergent; 2 vials, 20 ml each.
  3. Dilution buffer concentrate (PBS; pH 7.3); contains stabiliser protein and protease inhibitors; 1 vial; 20 ml.
  4. Calibrators (Standards) numbered 1-5; lyophilized; 1 vial each; 500µl. Concentrations are lot-dependent; consult the label on the vial. Control plasmas “low level” and “high level”, lyophilised; 1 vial each. Concentrations are lot-dependent; consult the label on the vial.
  5. Conjugate: anti-Plasminogen POX; dyed blue; 1 vial, 0.3ml
  6. Chromogenic substrate TMB (tetramethylbenzidine); 1 vial; 12 ml; ready to use
  7. Stopping solution: sulphuric acid 0,45 mol/l; 1 vial; 12 ml; ready to use.
  8. Adhesive film: for ELISA test strips; 2 pieces