Technoclone Purified Fibronectin is fibronectin purified from human plasma, lyophilized. For use in:


Coating of culture plates before seeding of endothelial cells results in better growths pattern of seeded cells as compared to untreated dishes (4) Recommended concentration: 10µg/ml

Biochemical studies

Fibronectin and its fragments can be used for studies on the effects of fibronectin in protein-protein interactions (5) and protein cell interactions (binding to integrins (6), cell activation (7) etc.)

Prepared from human plasma pools. Purification by affinity chromatography of plasma on gelatine sepharose followed by argininsepharose. Technoclone Purified Fibronectin is supplied in 1 mg quantities lyophilized from a buffer 0.05M Tris, 0.15M NaCl, 0,03% NaN3, pH 7.4.

The lyophilized product is reconstituted by addition of 1 mL distilled water and gentle agitation 10 minutes at room temperature.

1 Appearance Lyophilizied white powder
2 Protein content OD280 1 mg
3 Purity (1) Typical double chain protein band with Mr~440kD without reduction and of Mr~220kd upon reduction
4 Specific antigen (2) ~1mg Reactive with monoclonal antibodies against intact uncleaved Fibronectin (2 FN) as well as with monoclonal antibody (6 FN) recognizing specific epitopes in the FN molecule (3)